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St. Louis Symphony Orchestra
IN UNISON Chorus Pianist

Since 2021, Joseph Welch has accompanied the IN UNISON Chorus.  The Chorus is under the direction of Kevin McBeth and an integral part of the St. Louis Symphony Orchestra.  Welch performs as a member of the rhythm section when the chorus performs with the orchestra.

Opera Edwardsville

In the first four years of its existence, Joseph Welch played for fifteen Opera Edwardsville events.  As part of the fifth anniversary season, OE named Joe its first ever Artist-in-Residence.  Joe is involved in all OE events, including auditions, music direction of the children's opera, and playing for the September and December concerts.

Opera Edwardsville
Arts & Faith St. Louis
Freelance Work

Joseph Welch has an active performing career, primarily as a vocal collaborator.  He has performed with Arts & Faith St. Louis, St. Louis Art Song, and recently with Christine Brewer in a cabaret.

Freelance Work
Music Director

Since 2019, Joe has been the Assistant Music Director for Variety Theatre.  He has Music Directed productions for Marble City Opera and Summer Showbiz, as well as many summer workshops including Spring Training, Sing Out, Curtain Up, Music Makers, and Sing Your Song.

Music Directing
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